Many new auto glass companies appear and disappear every year. They make a fast buck and move on to a new market. We repair and reseal many windows throughout the year due to improper workmanship by companies that aren't around anymore. Santa Clarita Auto Glass has been in business since 1989. We stand behind every job we do. 

Bureau of Auto Repair License

Automotive glass replacement companies in the state of California are required to have a valid Bureau of Automotive Repair license. The BAR is the governing agency that oversees this industry. Click on the link below to check license information on a company. 

Certified Technicians

A certified auto glass installer has the education needed to install a windshield properly. An improperly installed windshield is a safety hazard. Even a properly installed windshield may leak or have a minor problem that can be diagnosed and repaired by a certified technician. Our technicians are Dow trained and certified. We use only the best possible materials available to properly install your glass right the first time.


The windshield plays a crucial role in your air bag safety system. It can account for up to 50 percent of the vehicle's roof structural strength. It helps support your car's roof in the event it rolls over. The windshield also helps prevent passengers from being ejected from the car. When it's time to replace a windshield, use the same adhesive the manufacturer did when they built the car using industry-approved installation procedures. Dow adhesives systems are used to install windshields on nearly every domestic vehicle and two-thirds of all vehicles manufactured worldwide. They help restore a vehicle to its original strength and retain a windshield during a crash. All of our installers are trained and certified by Dow. We only use Dow adhesive Systems. 

Not all adhesives have the strength required to allow the vehicle safety systems to perform correctly. Make sure the windshield is replaced properly, so it's there when you need it!


Reputable Business

The Better Business Bureau provides a very important service to the community. When a business provides substandard workmanship and fails to properly address the problem that business can be reported to the BBB. The complaint history of a company can be accessed easily on the web. This service only works if it is used properly. When a company deserves to have a complaint made agents it and the customer doesn't submit one they are doing a disservice to any future customers of that business. Click on the link below to see our BBB report.

Sept 29th. 2014 Update: Our local Better Business Bureau (BBB of Southern California) has failed to retain their credentials to do business for the BBB. We have been a member since 1996 and with the huge shakeup when the Northern California BBB took over our local chapter, we have decided to wait before we become members of the new division of the BBB. This decision is based partially on the increase of the yearly dues by  approximately 40+% and the volume of businesses that the new chapter has to oversee. All that being said we continue to have a A+ rating with no complaints since our inception. We have lost our BBB accreditation because we are not currently fee paying members of the BBB.

Click here to see our report!

Comprehensive Insurance

Comprehensive insurance is an element of car insurance that pays for damages to your vehicle caused by anything other than a collision, including vandalism, theft and natural disasters. Road hazard flying debris such as a rock is normally covered by your comprehensive side of your policy and is not considered your fault. 

We recommend lowering only your comprehensive deductible (A.S.A.P.) 
Most insurance policies have your comprehensive and collision deductible set at the same rate, usually pretty high $500 to $1000.  Almost all insurance companies allow you to lower just your comprehensive deductible to a more manageable rate for around a $10 increase premium per every 6 months, per vehicle. Making a claim for a rock damaged windshield or any other damage from road hazard does not go against  you as a negative mark or point with your insurance co. 

We recommend a $100.00 comprehensive deductible.

All insurance companies are different but they are governed by federal and state laws to protect drivers. Some companies like Auto Club will only allow you to lower your comp deductible to $250 in California. The slightest road hazard or damage can run over a thousand dollars easily, if you want it repaired properly. 

Please Note: This public service notice is geared to save you money in the future. You might be surprised when calling your insurance company that they have in place some feature to save you money even on this repair or replacement. Please verify with your insurance company directly any claims we have stated in this outline prior to making a claim or lowering your deductible.   

Most Important:

We don’t want to lose any future business from our customers. Please note that most insurance companies are using the large auto glass providers to handle their claims. We are on those providers network. (Safelite Solutions, Lynx Etc.) 
If you decide to use our services you can give them our phone number when making a claim to confirm that we are on the preferred provider list.



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